10 Suggestions for Remodeling Your Kitchen More Quickly

A kitchen remodel can be a lot of work. Considering the extent of the remodeling project, weeks or months may be needed to remodel a kitchen. There are, nevertheless, several things that can be done to makeover your kitchen more quickly. The following ten tips will help you begin to find ways of remodeling your kitchen more quickly, still resulting in a finished room that exhibits quality workmanship and attention to detail.

  1. Use the space that is already there if it is possible. It takes a lot of time to move walls. This is quite expensive as well. Consider how to organize the space to update your kitchen in the most efficient manner. You can move or demolish just one wall if you are looking to make the kitchen larger. This will require less electrical work, including the time for framing and drywall, if needed.
  2. Don’t put the sink somewhere else. Relocating plumbing requires a lot of time also, and greatly increases the price of your project. Even if you are changing your sink, if you keep it in the same area, pipes will not have to be rerouted, saving you from possibly having to replace the floor.
  3. A gas line or gas appliances should not be relocated. Relocating a gas line will require more time to finish your kitchen remodel. In many areas, you need a professional to help you. This work will have to be scheduled. You will have to make time for the line to be moved and then attend to any repairs to the walls and flooring that may have to be dealt with.
  4. Look for standard, pre-cut cabinets to coordinate with your current kitchen. You don’t have to wait for custom work and shipping, because these cabinets can be picked up or delivered right away. The stock cabinets are constructed to just put in place and connect to the walls or the floor. This saves time that would be spent putting the cabinets together, and the time spent for building the custom cabinets on site.
  5. If you decide to use custom or semi-custom cabinets, help out and put the cabinets together on your own for the contractor. Putting together pre-cut cabinets is not too hard if you are experienced with do it yourself remodeling projects. Time is needed to assemble cabinets, nevertheless. You can save quite a bit of time if you assemble the cabinets for the contractor, so he will only need to install them.
  6. Use big stock cabinets for a pantry rather than constructing a closet. This avoids the time spent for knocking out the wall, putting in frames for the closet, and drywall hanging, among other things. You may realize that you like the look of matched cabinets in all areas of your remodeled kitchen.
  7. Reface cabinets rather than buying new cabinets. If the cabinets you have now are generally in good condition, get them refaced rather than replaced. This can be done in a short time. In some situations, the real work can be finished in a day.
  8. Put a new counter top in. A new counter top will give you your kitchen a shiny and clean look when it is remodeled. The material you pick for your counter tops could totally change how your kitchen looks.
  9. Don’t put in a backsplash. If you are making the effort to remodel your kitchen more quickly, don’t spend any time putting in or replacing a backsplash. It requires a lot of time for setting and complete drying. If you are rushing, save this project for the weekend at a future time.
  10. If you are constructing a window seat, spend less time by putting in stock cabinets as the seat’s base. Stock cabinets can be easily found in the correct height to use for a seat. Find coordinating or matching cabinets so your kitchen looks custom. Now you just need to put the boards on top of the cabinets and add pillows.
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These 10 suggestions will allow you to take less time for remodeling your kitchen. Most likely you will consider others when you start to plan your project. However, you can make a good beginning using these ten suggestions for remodeling your kitchen more quickly.





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