Makeovers for Small Kitchens

Dealing with a kitchen that is small and cluttered can be a horror for anyone. You are well aware of the challenges if this describes your kitchen. But if you have a small kitchen, you do not necessarily have to deal with it forever. It should not be necessary to put a second mortgage on a home in order to accomplish a very nice remodel on a small kitchen. In order to maximize the space in your kitchen, there are a number of small changes that can achieve big results. What steps do you need to take? Well, to begin with, review the tips provided in this article with regard to kitchen remodeling for small kitchens.

Small Kitchen Design Concepts

You might find that moving the appliances within your kitchen is a basic step of remodeling that may even provide a little more space. You may notice that frequently appliances are placed in strange places and in unusual positions. Although they are often difficult to work around, we may not find the motivation to change their locations. But taking this easy step can provide quite a bit of space in your kitchen.

Think Vertical

Do not confine your ideas for the kitchen strictly to the horizontal plane, as there is plenty of under-utilized space on the vertical. A great deal of space is used by horizontal components such as tables, countertops, and prep areas. Consequently, not much space remains for storage in the kitchen. When you have run out of ideas for storage within the usual parameters, consider going vertical to gain more space. You can easily install vertical shelving as well as cabinets that approach the ceiling in height. You can put things that are used infrequently on the upper shelves.

Use Windows to Open The Space

According to Jayhawk Exteriors, small spaces can easily be made to appear larger by installing new windows or replacing existing ones. The bright, natural light opens up small areas in a simple but significant way. You should also use light colors for window treatments to keep the room bright.

Open the Cabinets

The illusion of space is created in a kitchen when more open storage space is provided. A fresh, new look can come from installing clear glass doors rather than wood doors on your cabinets. Because of the reflective nature of the glass, the area will look larger. In addition, you will achieve the open feel of a country kitchen by leaving the cabinet doors off.

Storage Ideas

Many of today’s kitchen cabinets come with features like a built-in Lazy Susan, which allows for easy storage and accessibility. Preferable to swaying doors are sliding doors, which require much less space when open. Pull out tops can be accessed when necessary for chopping and cutting, and when they are no longer needed, they can be pushed back into place.


If your budget allows for it, consider replacing your appliances with some new ones that enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Sleek appliances give a wonderful appearance and require much less space. Essential appliances that can be hung from the wall or that can go under a countertop will conserve space.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Scrutinize your kitchen and you will likely find a number of things that you could get rid of. When trying to best utilize a smallish space, it is essential to get rid of things that are broken or have otherwise outlived their usefulness. You may even find canned goods in your cabinets that expired long ago. By removing the unusable, obsolete, and non-working from your kitchen, you may free up a great deal of space.

A Simple Paint Job

Some homeowners decide that rather than spending money on remodeling, they can revive the feel of their kitchen by repainting it with a different color. Painting your kitchen in a pastel color or lighter shade can create a cleaner, more spacious appearance. Another idea is to use coordinating paint in your kitchen.

So, smaller kitchens can often be remodeled inexpensively. You will enjoy working in your kitchen much more if you follow a few simple guidelines.